Inifinite Tai Chi

Infinite Tai Chi is a unique form of the ancient Chinese holistic art of Tai Chi. Jason Chan was inspired to create Infinite Tai Chi over 20 years ago to meet the specific needs of modern Westerners. I have had the honour to train with this wonderful, spiritual teacher.

Infinite Tai Chi can be taught at many different levels and to people of all ages and all levels of fitness.

It is not just physical movement, but can have many different meanings depending on individuals' levels of personal and spiritual development. For some people, particularly beginners, it is simply a graceful, gentle form of physical exercise that they practise primarily for health reasons. For others, it can become a very disciplined spiritual practice. It all depends on each individuals level of insight and usually deepens with practice.

Infinite Tai Chi has been designed to balance your whole physical, emotional and energetic systems. When you are not in balance you may become sick. But when you bring yourself back into a natural balance, or perfect harmony, you will become radiantly healthy.

Tai Chi/ Chi Kung  for health  classes

Within the class gentle warm up movements will be adapted to each individual:

  • * a basic knowledge is taught of some of the Tai Chi moves,
  • * healing Chi Kung  sequences are taught. ie The Golden Sun, Spirals in the air. etc
  • * to finish the class, a seated quietening of the mind takes place, calming the mind and opening the heart centre.