What is it?

Reflexology is a holistic treatment originating from China 5,000 years ago. It is a specific type of massage using thumb and finger pressure along the energy pathways of the feet. These pathways often become blocked or congested. There are 7000 nerve endings in the feet which mirror the body with it's vital organs and nervous systems, therefore the trained reflexologist can pinpoint problem areas within the body enabling it to heal itself. The feet are manipulated to release these congestions.

What can Reflexology help with?

AFTER WORKING FOR THE LAST 20 years as a holistic therapist I have decided to retire from one to one therapies.

 Eczema  - Bursitis  - sinusitis


Chronic stiff neck  - Whiplash

Stress  - chronic headaches  - migraine

Numbness  - peripheral neuropathy (chemotherapy induced)

Back pain - muscular skeletal problems




Above are examples of symptoms in which I personally have had success when treating clients.

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